About Us

We customize education to your child’s strengths, interests and talents.

An Education Approach that Feeds Your Child’s
Natural Curiosity and Enjoyment of Learning

Congratulations to you for exploring what The Learning Community International has to offer your child in the way of K-5 through high school education options. As a concerned parent, you know that one of the most important desires and responsibilities you have to your children is to give them the best possible opportunity for success in life and that starts with a great educational foundation.

The Learning Community International is the solution to one of the most important challenges facing parents, which is getting their children off to a great start in life with a great education. TLCI was created to address some of the weaknesses in the traditional schooling model which often under-serve highly talented students, students with special needs, and students who simply don’t learn as well in an assembly line type learning environment.

TLCI uses a unique approach to learning we call “CLE”. It stands for Customized Learning Experience. Using our CLE process we customize each child’s learning experience to suit their learning style, so that they maximize both their ability to learn and their enjoyment of learning.

Children have a natural curiosity and enjoy learning until they encounter roadblocks usually created by being forced to experience learning in a particular way. Our approach restores their natural passion for curiosity and gives them greater opportunity to explore and assimilate experiences that will serve them in their careers and in life.

TLCI’s approach to education removes the tendency for children to see themselves as part of an assembly line, going from classroom to classroom without thought. It prepares students for real life by nurturing critical thinking skills that lead them to make better choices in all aspects of their lives. TLCI students become independent thinkers and doers, working well without constant direction. As a result they are well rounded students who are as equally prepared for academic success as they are for life success.