Private School Home Education Fusion

Recognition for life’s learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Give your child the benefits of a private school while using the whole world as a classroom.

The Leader in Private School Home Education Fusion

TLCI Founder and Principal Director, Manfred Smith, was a leader of the homeschool movement in the 1980’s. While he was teaching social studies in a local public school, Manfred was instrumental in drafting the Maryland homeschool by-laws.  He also established the Maryland Home Education Association (MHEA) and supported the rights of parents to teach their own children in several Maryland court cases.  Manfred’s leadership is broad-based and continues with his stewardship of TLCI.

In our home-based education model, we provide individualized support and guidance from professionals directly to your family.  Using the whole world as a classroom, we combine videoconferencing, online content modules, and traditional texts to ensure that learning is relevant for the learner and builds a foundation for the future.

For over 36 years, no two students have ever had the same learning plan: we collaboratively create a learning path to meet each learner’s unique vision for exploring the world, preparing for their career, and designing their life.  TLCI’s customized curriculum approach offers learners unparalleled flexibility  supported by a transparent and empowering accountability process.

Individualized Learning Plan and Custom Courses

Many schools claim that their curriculum is “flexible,” “individualized,” or “customized” because students are able to select courses from a limited, generic list of courses.

At TLCI, your learner’s interests come first. We ask learners to create a list of their interests and passions – and then you and your child work collaboratively with a personal advisor to build the curriculum around those elements. Your child’s individualized learning plan focuses on topics that interest them most, are aligned with their learning preferences, and meet their long-term career goals and life dreams.             This custom curriculum approach fosters engagement, provides challenges appropriate for your learner, and helps students become invested in the learning process. 

Guided throughout the year by collaboration with their personal advisors, our learners have created courses such as the History of Underwear, Earthquake Proof Dams and Bridges and Culture and Cuisine, just to name a few. In order to meet the needs of our learners, we have also designed a course that focused on equestrian skills to support a student preparing for the Olympics, a course that focused on dance to support a student training with professional dance troupes, and a course that focused on fashion to support a student later admitted to fashion design schools in Italy.

All courses have learning  objectives, engaging content, rigorous expectations, and ask students to produce artifacts of learning to support the credit and grades they earn. At TLCI, we truly deliver flexible, individualized, and customized learning.

Life Long Learners

Our experienced professionals guide and support learners throughout the entire year. Regular conferences with the learner, parent-teacher, and advisor offer an opportunity to receive feedback, review the learner’s self-reflections and self-assessments, and discuss the progress toward learning goals. This intentional engagement with the learning process is a key factor in the development of skills such as lifelong learning,  belief in oneself, and personal accountability.

Our high school graduates compare favorably with students  from traditional learning environments. Our approach to learning and student development allows students has enabled our graduates to achieve their goals, including  admission to Harvard, the United States Naval Academy, or state universities; entering the workforce; or competing in professional sports.

TLCI is a unique private school-home education fusion that is focused on building a foundation for a meaningful life.