Private School Home Education Fusion

Recognition for life’s learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Give your child the benefits of a private school while using the whole world as a classroom.

The Leader in Private School Home Education Fusion

TLCI Founder and Principal Director, Manfred Smith was a leader of the homeschool movement in the 1980’s.  He was very instrumental in drafting the Maryland homeschool by-laws while he was teaching social studies in a local public school.  Manfred established the first Maryland Home Education Association (MHEA) and supported the rights of parents to teach their own in several Maryland court cases.  Manfred was leader in the 80’s and the dimension of his leadership is broad-based and continues with his reach into the 21st century.

Individualized support and guidance are provided by our professionals directly to your family’s home-based education model while using the whole world as your classroom.  Although our services are delivered via videoconferencing from our virtual community, TLCI is not an online school with a one size fits all online curriculum. We facilitate learners with a level of flexibility in every aspect that is second to no other private school and a transparent and empowering accountability process. For over 36 years no two students have ever had the same learning plan because the design is collaboratively created to meet each learner’s unique vision of exploring the world and designing their career and life.

Individualized Learning Plan and Custom Courses

TLCI learners do not choose courses from a limited generic curriculum and call it “flexible”, “individualized” and “customized”. Unlike every traditional school, whether down the block or online, at TLCI you and your child work collaboratively with your personal advisor to design their unique and complete learning plan from the ground up. Your child’s individualized learning plan focuses on topics that interest them most, are aligned with their learning preferences, and meet long-term career goals and life dreams.

Guided throughout the year by their personal advisors, our learners create courses such as the History of Underwear, Earthquake Proof Dams and Bridges and Culture and Cuisine, to name a few.   These courses are complete with objectives, learner outcomes, and artifacts of learning which are being produced outside of the confines of a brick and mortar and earning credit and grades. Our learners have focused on equestrian skills in preparation for the Olympics, trained with professional dance troupes, and have been admitted to Italian fashion design schools.

Life Long Learners

Our experienced professionals continue guiding and supporting learners throughout the entire year. The advisor feedback provided to learner’s reflection and the self-assessment of their learning process is also a key factor to the development of skills such as lifelong learning and belief in oneself, and personal accountability. 

Our unique high school graduates stand out from all the rest enabling them to achieve their goals whether admissions to Harvard, United States Naval Academy, state universities, or entering the work force. TLCI is a one of kind private school home education fusion.