Meet Our Team

Professional, experienced, and passionate about your child’s learning experience.


Manfred Smith, M.Ed

Principal Director

Nancy De Luca Stempel

Executive Director

Jeanne Smith, MLS

Associate Director

John Ghim, B.S.

Associate Director, East Asia

Romana Hughes, MLA, MAPD

Director Academic Affairs

Harvey Stempel, PhD

Director College Counseling & Advising

Advisory Board

Skip Downing, PhD

Faculty Development

Susan Kohm, MIIM

Career Design Coach

Hercules Pinkney, PhD

Resource Development

Eric Reid, CEO

School Improvement

Brooke Walker, M.Ed

International Enrollment

Personal Advisors

Kelsey Carnell – Advisor and Math

Rachel Daugherty – Advisor and English

Robert Daugherty – Advisor and Science

Romana Hughes –  Advisor

Maria Wilder – Advisor and Home Education Consultant

Subject Specialists

Lorena G. Brandt –  Spanish

Kevin Crandell –  Higher Math

Essie Childers –  Reading and Writing

Susan Kohm –  Career Design Coach

Rama Morrison –  Math and Reading

Natalie Stempel –  Physical Education

Abigail Wurf  – ADHD Coach

Art Steam –  Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Organizational Partners

Bina Abyakta –  sheltered workshop believes that each individual with Autism has the right to access a broad and balance education which is suited to their individual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs that will prepare them for more active participation in their society. Jakarta Indonesia

Cool Ghim Academy – preparing Korean students for admissions to United States universities. Seoul Korea