Thirty-five years of academic excellence and national accreditation to validate it!

TLCI Subjects Itself to Rigorous Scrutiny so You Can Give Your Child a Competitive Advantage in Life


Accreditation, from the Latin word credito – to trust – is the means of self-regulation adopted by an educational community to ensure a high level of quality, integrity, professionalism and continuous improvement, making member institutions worthy of public trust and confidence.

TLCI is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, the same organization that supervises and credentials traditional schools and colleges across the country.

Our accreditation ensures that TLCI students receive reciprocity of credits, courses, grade-level placements, transcripts and diplomas with both domestic and international higher education institutions.

Highly Experienced Professional Team

We are very selective about who works with our families and their children. Our team includes:

  • College professors
  • Subject specialists
  • Teachers & tutors
  • Mentors
  • College & career counselor
  • Special education & child psychologist
Your student is surrounded by a qualified team of experienced academicians and consultants at all levels of the academic spectrum. That’s something that’s hard to find in the traditional school system, which is why we provided it at TLCI.

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