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The Learning Community International
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In a perfect world, students would focus on subjects that interest them most, and develop skills that empower them to create careers, and lives that are inspiring, and satisfying.

At The Learning Community International School that perfect world exists.

A Unique Approach to Education

Since 1984 we have attracted students worldwide with diverse needs and interests. Students who have ceased to thrive in traditional schools, the highly motivated who have a dedicated passion, and students with disabilities and special needs are all welcomed at TLCI. Our customized individualized learning plan provides the opportunity for students to rediscover their love of learning, and achieve their goals.

What We Do

Partnering with Private Schools • Families • Global Institutions • Foundations

K-12 Enrollment

Customized program tailored to each student anywhere in the world.

College and Career Advantage Program

Give your child the benefits of TLCI while remaining enrolled in their current school.


Assisting students with high school success, career, and college planning.


Learn about TLCI’s accreditation as a private school and the rigorous standards we adhere to.


Hear from TLCI students about their experiences and achievements with us.


Explore answers to frequently asked questions parents have about the TLCI Customized Learning Experience.
Meet Our Team
Our Executive Team forms the foundation for the future of education.
Manfred Smith
Principal Director
Nancy De Luca Stempel
Executive Director
John Ghim
Associate Director, East Asia
Jeanne Smith
Associate Director
What Our Parents and Students Say
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TLCI Education News
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