Greetings, my friends,

This fundraising page was designed to generate relief funds for Dominican Cacao Farmers in their efforts to recover from Hurricane Fiona.

To make this happen, THE LEARNING COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL (TLCI), a nonprofit K-12 educational organization, is collaborating with SPAGnVOLA, an award-winning chocolatier, and partnering with FUNDACION PRINGAMOSA, a Dominican Republic nonprofit community assistance organization.

On September 18, 2022, Hurricane Fiona tore into the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic, destroying most, if not all, of the crops in its path, including cacao trees. This resulted in the loss of revenue and employment for cacao farmers, creating food security concerns for thousands. Exhausted cacao farmers are being threatened with poverty from their losses, and they need our support.

Please consider donating what you can and sharing this link with your professional circle of influence along with your family and friends to help us meet our goal.


Much gratitude,

Nancy and Manfred

"Imagine you can become someone's miracle..."

The team of organizations noted above will use the proceeds generated from this fundraiser to provide replacement cacao trees FREE of charge to Dominican Cacao Farmers from the Eastern Region affected by Hurricane Fiona. In addition to delivering cacao trees, farmers will be given seedlings for shade crops, such as plantain and banana trees, which are required as part of the growth process. As needed, we will also provide cultivation and technical assistance throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Farmers lost over 80% of their crops and most of their cacao trees. Providing replacement cacao trees will require 3-4 years of growth and maturity before harvesting a single cacao pod. Your donation will help farmers ensure the livelihood of their families and their communities.

 Your donation will be used towards the distribution of approximately three million cacao trees across 12,000 Dominican Cacao Farmers from the Eastern Region affected by Hurricane Fiona.

Hurricane Fiona making landfall in the Dominican Republic.

Hurricane Fiona: Reuters News

Aerial Images Of Hurricane Fiona’s Wrath: The Weather Channel

Fallen Cacao Tree: Hato Mayor Del Rey, Dominican Republic.

With Your Support – We will:
• Establish New Plant Nurseries
• Acquire Seedling Planting Materials
• Work With Local Cacao Cooperatives to Distribute Cacao Trees
• Distribute Plantain and Banana Trees (Required for Shading)
• Provide Cultivation Assistance
• Provide On-Field Technical Support Throughout Duration of the Project.

Hundreds of farms and over 12,000 cacao farmers were impacted due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona: farmers, family members and workers have all suffered severe setbacks.

Given the magnitude of damage from Hurricane Fiona, we want to reach out to as many people as possible. Please join us in improving the lives of all these individuals.

We believe no one person can accomplish this alone, but if we all work together and donate what we can, we can significantly impact these families’ lives!

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