Brooke Walker, M.Ed

International Enrollment

Brooke is a seasoned higher education professional with expertise in international student enrollment and services, global partnerships, and alumni relations. During her tenure as vice dean of international students and assistant vice president of international affairs at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Brooke oversaw international admissions, student success programs, international student and scholar services, Intensive English Language Program, student and faculty exchange programs, and global partnerships with universities around the world.

At Temple University, Brooke and her team instituted robust student services to ensure international student success, post enrollment. Brooke collaborated with university partners to institute key programs, including but not limited to establishing and implementing scholarship criteria for international student applicants, a TESOL trained university writing center tutor position for international students, a week-long international student orientation, Resident Advisor positions for international students living off-campus, a Peer2Peer program for new international students, international student leadership programs, designated internship and career advising support for international students, an international parents outreach program, and more.

For international students to succeed, they need strong academic preparation, critical thinking skills, independence, and most importantly, finding a university setting where they can thrive. Building strong relationships with peers,  faculty and administrators is essential for achieving  happiness and success.

Brooke joined TLCI’s advisory board in 2019 because she believes in the mission and dedication of its team members. In her capacity as Advisory Board member, Brooke advises the TLCI on international student.