College and Career Advantage

Recognition for life’s learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Get Recognition, Validation, and High School Credit for Student Self-directed Learning

Since 1984 we have attracted students worldwide with diverse needs and interests. Students who have ceased to thrive in traditional schools, the highly motivated who have a dedicated passion, and students with disabilities and special needs are all welcome.

For various reasons, some students are not able to take advantage of our full-time enrollment program.  Therefore, we have created the College and Career Advantage program where your high school student can get many of the advantages of TLCI while remaining enrolled in their current school.

The academic classroom is not the only place important life learning takes place.  Unfortunately, traditional schools give academic credit only for classes completed under their systems.  However, colleges, universities, vocational schools and employers often look for extracurricular learning and life experiences that distinguish one student from another.

We offer high school credit and formal recognition for extracurricular activities and creative life experiences not recognized by traditional schools including:

  • Sports not offered in school
  • Self-taught skills like bike repair, blacksmithing, and fashion design
  • Skills learned through scouting and youth group activities
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Other entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Technical or other skill certification
  • Musical and art related activities
  • Internships, seminars and work experience gained in part-time jobs
  • Interest-led volunteer activities
A Decisive Advantage for Your Student Upon Graduation.

TLCI provides the traditional school student the benefits of effectively leveraging their interests, learned skills and real-world experiences for college admission, employment and life.

In today’s world of rapid change, it is precisely the diversity of skills that are required for long term success.  Enrollment in TLCI’s College and Career Advantage program allows the student to:

  • Stand out among peers for college admissions or employment
  • Increases the chance of unique college scholarships
  • Brings real-world expertise to the college or employment community
  • Become increasingly self-aware to make effective and responsible choices
  • Validate unique experiences and life-long learning
  • Increase self-awareness and personal development
  • Student can stay enrolled in current school
  • Dedicated professional advisor supporting and guiding the student
  • Custom-designed studies and learning activities for credit (two courses)
  • College guidance & counseling
  • Official transcripts sent to colleges and institutions
  • Personalized student profile and letters of recommendations
Optional Services
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Rockport Strengths and Talents testing and interpretation
  • College success skills development and strategies such as time, stress, and money management
  • Essay writing workshop
Advantage Program Tuition

One Academic Year $ 5400

Discount for re-enrollment

Optional Services

Details upon Request