A Unique Approach to Education

A learning experience that prepares your child for academic achievement and for life.

Customized Learning Anywhere in the World

Learner-Centered Approach

TLCI is A Private School for One where every learner drives the development of their annual individualized learning plan.  The plan is complete with customs courses based on personal interests, goals, and outcomes using carefully selected resources, projects, experiential learning, travel, and an approach to learning that best suits each learners’ unique needs.

Traditional online school models require the completion of standardized curriculum for all learners. Some make promises of flexibility and customization but we know what that means-pick one from column A and one from column B- and many times it leaves our children, unmotivated, and frustrated by a creeping decline to their natural love of learning. 

For far too long traditional schools have been trying to fit your child into a ready-made box curriculum like a cheap suit off the rack.  It’s impossible to meet the complex learning needs and interests of each and every child …. unless of course you design a truly individualized learning plan complete with custom courses from the bottom up. TLCI is the haute couture of education. 

Each learner’s plan, like a bespoke suit, is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers—often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.

Customization and Flexibility

Beginning with the TLCI Learner Start-Up parents and their child participate in drafting their learning plan that is reviewed by the advisor and subject specialists and then unanimously agreed upon and finalized. Their custom courses are then designed with clearly articulated goals and learning outcomes that intrinsically motivate the learner to know, do, and value the subject matter of their choosing.

Our team identifies and address the learner’s inherent gifts, talents and strengths. These important details are shared with the team and continue to inform the design, and approach of the learner’s plan. We facilitate and empower learners who have specific career goals, those with diverse learning challenges, and learners who simply are not thriving in an assembly line type learning environment.  

Guidance, Support and Assessments

Throughout the year, daily, weekly, and monthly the advisor mentors and guides the learner by jointly participating in a continuous journal of reflections and self-assessment.  The advisor remains acutely aware of the learners learning momentum, motivation, and successes. Conferences are scheduled regularly with parents and learners to addresses challenges, make recommendations, consult with a tutor or make changes to the plan if needed. Core course assessments are provided to ensure learners are moving toward subject mastery. TLCI is truly a one of a kind private school designed for each and every student to reach their highest potential.