A Unique Approach to Education

A learning experience that prepares your child for academic achievement and for life.

Customized Learning Anywhere in the World

TLCI is the perfect fusion of private school and home education providing a professionally guided customized program of learning tailored to each students’ needs, interests and goals anywhere in the world.
Since 1984 we have attracted students worldwide with diverse needs and interests. Students who have ceased to thrive in traditional schools, the highly motivated who have a dedicated passion, and students with disabilities and special needs are all welcome.

The heart of TLCI’s program is the Individualized Learning Plan and the Personal Advisor.

TLCI’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) awakens the student’s intrinsic motivation. At every grade level, students collaborate with their personal advisor. Together they design learning with a creative and inspiring approach to math, English, social studies, science, and other studies based on their interests, strengths and talents, and ultimately their college and career goals.

The academic classroom is not the only place important life learning takes place. Unfortunately, traditional schools give academic credit only for classes completed under their systems. TLCI’s picks up where traditional public and private school programs leave off. We custom design courses and offer high school credit for creative learning experiences such as:
  • Sports such as equestrian studies
  • Self-taught skills like bike repair, blacksmithing, and computer skill development
  • Cultural and social pursuits such as skills learned through scouting and youth group activities
  • Entrepreneurial activities such as website design, lawn service, and auto repair
  • Learning a musical instrument, performances and art related activities
  • Internships, seminars and work experience gained in part-time jobs
  • Self-directed learning and mentorships

Program flexibility is supported by a reflective journal. The advisor provides critical feedback empowering students to self-evaluate and make corrections to their plan whenever and wherever it is needed. 

The Individualized Learning Plan helps students grasp subject matter resulting in confidence that opens them to pursue greater challenges. Our process enriches their learning experiences well beyond the scope and pace of the traditional classroom while maximizing mastery of all subjects.

A Decisive Advantage for Your Teen Upon Graduation
TLCI’s customized and individualized learning program provides flexibility and diversity that does not exist in the traditional approach to education. In today’s world of rapid change, it is precisely the diversity of skills learned in TLCI’s program that offer critical advantages for career and college, including:
  • Allowing the student to stand out from their peers for college admissions and employment
  • Increasing the chance of gaining unique college scholarships
  • Bringing students’ real-world expertise to the college or employment community
  • Becoming increasingly self-aware to make effective and responsible choices
  • Validating unique experiences and life-long learning
  • Promoting self-awareness and personal development