Eric Reid, CEO

School Improvement

As a member of TLCI Advisory Board Eric Reid brings a most unique and valuable insight to TLCI administration as we engage with families and students both in the Unites States and globally. He is a man with many gift, talents and experiences.

As a Professional Advisor for Montgomery County Student Emerging Leaders Program – SELP is designed to nurture student interest in national, state, and local government through a combination of mentoring relationships, peer-to-peer engagement, student accountability, and an interactive student debate. In partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education (MCBRE) delivers this program to engage and inspire students to become the next generation of Black and Hispanic leaders.

Eric Reid is the CEO/Founder of CiBEXO Group (SPAGnVOLA). As an award-winning, small business owner, Eric is an industry expert in designing micro to medium scale chocolate manufacturing facilities. Mr. Reid is a graduate of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy and continues to immerse himself in the world of chocolate confections.

At SPAGnVOLA, they cultivate and process their own cacao beans the traditional way, by hand-picking perfectly ripened pods, sorting and skimming through the pulp and beans prior to fermenting them, drying them and grading them. They do this all to insure that only the finest make their way to their artisan factory in Gaithersburg, Maryland (USA). There, the cocoa beans are roasted and refined in small batches bringing out the flavor of the most exquisite premium chocolate.

Mr. Reid travels throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and West Africa to support the cocoa industry and innovate ways to eradicate poverty by helping to bring forth wealth, prosperity and dignity to cocoa farmers. With his mission to enrich cacao farmers, Mr. Reid and his family plan to expand their Chocolate Academies and factories in Nigeria and Barbados to develop a new wave of informed Chocolatiers while encouraging continued growth in the economies of Latin America, West Africa and the Caribbean.