Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Will my child receive a diploma upon graduation from high school?
Yes. Your child will receive a full high school diploma and an official transcript accepted at all institutions of higher education.
Is the TLCI advisor my child's teacher?
The TLCI advisor provides guidance, feedback and recommendations for the student. If a teacher or tutor is desired TLCI offers concierge service referrals.
What about college entrance? Military acceptance? Employment?
TLCI has graduated over 1200 students since 1984. Every Ivy League university, Military Academy and hundreds of public and private Universities have accepted our graduates. Because they graduate with an accredited diploma; military recruiters, state and private employers readily accept our graduates.
What is TlCI's admission process?

Admission begins with a 30-minute conference to establish if there is a potential match between student and TLCI. If a match is determined, parent and student complete the enrollment process.

Does TLCI offer rolling admissions?
Yes. The school year goes from Sept 1 to May 31 and students are admitted throughout the year. Re-enrollment begins February 1.
How involved must I be as a parent?

That depends upon the inclination, ability, and situation. Some parents work very closely with their children, providing guidance and instruction. Others may choose to hire an educational manager, tutors, and teachers who oversee the program and provide instruction as needed.

TLCI offers advisory service packages and provides a list of concierge services, including tutors and specialists, to assist parents and students who seek additional support or special services.