John Ghim, B.S.

Associate Director, East Asia

For over 25 years John Ghim has taught high school AP mathematics in Korea and in private schools in California. John is the author of SAT Math: Critical Exercises in High School Math for Korean Speakers and is a director for Herald Insight & Tomorrow: a web magazine operated by Korea’s leading English newspaper, The Korea Herald.

In 2010 Executive Director, Nancy De Luca Stempel was visiting a partnership school in Seoul, Korea when she met with a Korean TLCI student who introduced John as her math tutor.  John had been inspired by our student who was confident, motivated and worked diligently to achieve her goals and dreams.

After meeting with Nancy and discussing TLCI’s educational approach which, facilitated the student’s natural curiosity and enjoyment of learning, John recognized a unique opportunity.   He could offer local Korean students a chance to pursue their interests and studies outside the traditional classroom, graduate from a United States accredited private school, and attend universities around the globe.

Being convinced by John’s enthusiasm, experience and commitment Nancy invited him to join us as TLCI Associate Director of Korea and eventually of East Asia. For the past 10 years John had been providing a variety of instructional and supervisory services including educational partnerships with individuals and organizations.

John is a graduate of Seoul National University is the father of two children and celebrate 18 years of marriage with his wonderful wife, Jina.