Manfred Smith, M.Ed

Principal Director

TLCI co-founder and Principal Director, Manfred is an award-winning, retired Maryland public school teacher with over 40 years of experience in the field of alternative education. He is a certified Theory of Constraints facilitator, who has had impressive results teaching public school students to apply the theory’s analytical reasoning and communication strategies in academic settings.

Manfred’s passion for educational alternatives grew beyond the confines of the traditional classroom to have a much wider impact when he established the first Maryland Home Education Association in 1979. He coordinated the legal defense of homeschooling parents and led Maryland’s legislative efforts, playing a decisive role in shaping Maryland’s home education laws.

He is a prime mover, who has organized conferences, led workshops, and who remains in perennial demand as a speaker. Manfred is the father of three adult children, all TLCI graduates, and this year he celebrates 50 years of marriage with his wonderful wife, Jeanne.