Military Families

In appreciation, TLCI provides a 5% tuition discount to military families.

TLCI Offers Flexibility, Consistency, and Stability for Military Families.

According to the Department of Defense, the average child in a military family will move six to nine times during their school career. On average, a military child will move  three times more frequently than a nonmilitary child. This can create a series of difficult transitions for the military child.

Homeschooling is growing among military families. Homeschooling offers stability and a pathway for consistently meeting the educational needs of military children. Of the 1.2 million children of active-duty military parents, more than six percent are home-schooled, according to estimates by the Military Child Education Coalition. This means that approximately 35,100 – 39,000 school-aged children with parents in the military are currently being homeschooled.

As a private school – home education fusion program, The Learning Community International provides a comprehensive educational program with personalized support and guidance for parents. With TLCI, families have the flexibility of homeschool, including the ability to customize the curriculum, and the support and rigor associated with a robust educational program. TLCI is unique: this combination of individualized learning plans combined with extensive support for learners and their families is not found in homeschooling alone or with traditional distance learning programs.

Flexibility – We understand and meet the changing needs of the military family

  • Enroll at any time when you receive change of duty station orders
  • Use the whole world as your classroom with customized curriculum
  • Schedule school time around moves and transitions
  • Receive documentation for compliance with homeschooling laws in your state

Consistency – Your child’s learning program doesn’t change just because you’re relocating

  • Your teacher and tutors follow your family anywhere in the world
  • Your personal advisor continues supporting you and your child while you travel
  • Your children’s academic plans do not change when you move

Stability – Your child and family remain in a known school setting that meets their needs

  • Advisors continue to provide parents with regular support and guidance, including emotional support for the unique role of the military spouse
  • Academic standards are consistent
  • The TLCI virtual community online site houses all records, learning plans, and documentation
  • Graduates receive a private high school diploma, official transcripts, and documents from an accredited United States private school

The TLCI Leadership has Military Connections

TLCI Principal Director and Founder, Manfred Smith, was a military child: his father was a WWII veteran. Executive Director, Nancy De Luca Stempel, is a US Army veteran, her father was a Korean Conflict veteran and Purple Heart recipient, and her son-in-law is an active duty Marine.    

Together, they offer their heartfelt appreciation to all veterans and active-duty US Military members and their families for their service to our country. In appreciation, TLCI provides a 5% tuition discount to military families.