Nancy De Luca Stempel

Executive Director

After serving honorably in the armed forces during the Viet Nam era, Nancy joined an intentional community in 1977 and was immediately recognized for her ability to draw out the best from students in the small alternative school she helped establish. In the late 1980’s, Nancy met Manfred Smith. While participating together in TLCI’s dynamic educational environment, Manfred recognized Nancy’s natural educational gifts and became convinced that she shared his vision for the TLCI mission.

In the early 1990’s she was invited to become an educational advisor and later TLCI’s high school director. While continuing as an advisor, Nancy created workshops and seminars that facilitated students’ exploration of empowered learning. Nancy is also TLCI International Director. As the International Director Nancy draws upon her experiences from traveling and living in countries such as Mexico, Korea, and India. These experiences have given her a practical understanding of international students and their educational needs.

She is deeply committed to providing access to TLCI’s empowered learning programs all over the world. Nancy is the mother of three adult children who are all TLCI graduates and she celebrates over 40 years of marriage with her husband, Harvey, who serves on the TLCI advisory board.