Susan Kohm, MIIM

Career Design Coach

As a career and life design coach, Susan is committed to helping students, entrepreneurs and mid-career explorers to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.  After a successful career in travel and tourism, she worked as a founding partner for 15 years in a training and organizational development firm, focusing on teambuilding, leadership development, diversity and effective communications.  Her work with numerous Fortune 500 international organizations, including clients in both Europe and Asia, inspired her to learn more about the impact of culture on individuals and institutions, and she earned a Master’s Degree in International and Intercultural Management.  Eventually Susan realized that her strongest abilities and inclinations lay with helping individuals rather than organizations and in 2008 she founded The Handmade Life.

In 2011, Susan was thrilled to become a part of The Learning Community International.  At TLCI, she has worked with both students and parents to better understand their natural personality preferences and gifts and talents, both improving family communication and helping to inform their academic choices. She has a deep commitment to working with young people and giving them the tools they need to make great decisions about their future. Her passion for her work is based in her own process of self-discovery and her personal experience that the only way to fail is to quit.